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Welcome to Reception

In Reception we have lots of fun learning through play and practical activities. We develop our skills across the seven areas of the Early Years curriculum in many different ways including indoor learning activities and outdoor learning activities. Our days are very busy and full of exciting experiences. 


What to expect, when?

A useful guide for parents about your child's learning and development within the Early Years Foundation Stage.


Have a look at some of the exciting activities we have been doing.



Our topic for the Spring 2 Half term is Transport. Each week we have been learning about a different mode of transport.

*We have conducted our own traffic survey and analysed the results.

*We have been on a virtual train ride.

*We are going to make our own buses out of recyclable materials.


Science Week!

As a whole school we have conducted a biscuit experiment. We explored what happens to different biscuits when we dunk them in water.

We made our own predictions and talked about what we observed and the changes that occured.