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CCLT Trust curriculum intent:

At the CCLT we use the co-operative values and pedagogical principles to lead the Trust and create a sense of purpose and direction for all our schools. We strive to ensure our children have strong academic outcomes matched by the development of the whole child. We intend to provide a curriculum that stimulates a passion for learning and a curiosity in life through:


*The highest expectations and recognition of potential.

Experiencing real and purposeful learning that has meaning to our children.

*A curriculum that allows for knowledge and skill development in a progression framework.

*A curriculum that allows children to apply their knowledge and skills, gaining independence of thought and action through an enjoyable learning experience.

*Core Trust and school values that drive our understanding of our ‘human’ development.

*Fostering of growth mind sets, complimented by an understanding of how we learn.

*The development of critical and creative thinking.

*A clear pedagogical understanding of effective teaching and learning.


With the aim of nurturing empathetic young people who have the resilience, skills and compassion to challenge themselves to improve the world we live in and find happiness in their lives.


Grange curriculum intent:

Grange School celebrates the multi-cultural nature of the school. Many of our families have a range of cultural and linguistic experiences to offer and we value their input.


The curriculum at Grange School combines high standards with a broad, rich and creative curriculum. There is continuity and progression, challenge and pace. We are passionate about bringing learning to life for all pupils and engaging them academically, emotionally, physically and socially in contexts which have a real meaning and purpose.


Our expectation is that pupils will make significant progress in all subjects and also develop a passion for learning, discovering their own individual strengths and talents.

We promote a cross curricular primary curriculum which is imaginative, exciting and actively contributes to the learning experiences of all our children.  A variety of teaching strategies are employed with an emphasis on creativity to motivate and encourage a life-long love of learning. 


We strive to embed English and Maths skills across all areas of the curriculum to ensure our children become competent and proficient learners. Our children have opportunity to learn skills through exciting challenges that fully equip them for life ahead.


Spiritual, moral, social and cultural understanding is integral to both our school curriculum and ethos. It is embedded through day to day classroom activities such as discussion, circle times, assemblies and the curriculum content.


Our curriculum is enriched by the use of visits, themed learning days/weeks supporting hands-on learning through specially tailored topics.


We strive hard to boost and encourage self-esteem and grow minds through all aspects of school life.


Grange Exceptional Learner statements

Reading at Grange

Reading Tips for Parents



Curriculum Matrix overview

Please find below the curriculum matrix for each year group that gives an overview of what your child will be learning over the year. We have also created leaflets which are sent out to parents at the start of each year,  outlining what the academic expectations of each year group are.

Reception Curriculum Matrix 

Nursery Curriculum Matrix

Year 1 Curriculum Matrix

Year 2 Curriculum Matrix


Year 2 Expectations Leaflet for Parents

What your child should know by the time they leave Year 2.


Year 1 Expectations Leaflet for Parents
What your child should know by the time they leave Year 1.


Reception Expectations Leaflet for Parents
What your child should know by the time they leave Reception.