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Online Safety

Technology and the Internet has had a big impact on all of our lives particularly our children. Children today are growing up with technology all around them as part of their everyday lives. Children explore technology at school as part of the curriculum and at home for pleasure but it is important that parents are aware of the risks and dangers that come with advancing technology; particularly with the Internet. Below are links to documents that Grange Community School have developed in order to safeguard the children in our care and links to useful websites for parents.


E-Safety letter to parents September 2019

E-Safety support letter for parents

E-Safety tips for Parents of Pre-School & Nursery Children

E-Safety tips for Parents of Primary School Children

Child Net Internetional - all you will need to know to keep your child safe online.

Learn about E-Safety - for children and parents.

ThinkUKnow - How to report internet abuse

PANTS - a simple way for parents to teach their chldren how to stay safe from abuse (both E-safety & Safeguarding related issues)

Useful website links to support mental health and wellbeing


Acceptable Use Policy and Declaration 2019-20

Mobile Phone Policy 2019-21

E-Safety Policy 2019-20

eSafety Presentation

Checklist for Online Safety for Primary School Children

Checklist for Online Internet Safety for Families


Useful Links