Telephone: 01283 564 325

Email: office@grange-infants.staffs.sch.uk

Our Staff

From September, our staffing structure is as follows: 

Headteacher - Miss Snook 




Office - Mrs Mottram - Office Manager




Family Support Worker - Mrs Middleton (Deputy Safeguarding Lead & Attendance Officer)




Year 2 Class Teachers

Mrs Weldon- Deputy Headteacher & Geography & Maths Co-ordinator.                                       


Mrs Bateman - Key Stage One Manager and R.E Co-ordinator.









Year 1 Teachers

Mrs Stoke (PE & Music Co-ordinator) 

Mrs Calladine (English and History Co-ordinator)









Reception Teachers

Mrs Coxon  (EYFS Manager & School Website Co-ordinator). Works Part-time.                                  

(Photo coming soon!)

Mrs Keay (SENCO and Art & Design Co-ordinator). Works Part time.                                                               


Mrs Sheehan (ICT & British Values Co-ordinator)                                                           




Nursery Teacher

Miss Donkin (Science, Healthy Schools & PSHE Co-ordinator)                                                                             


Support Staff 

      Mrs Ali - Senior Teaching Assistant Year 1 & 2  (Family Learning and Visual Display Co-ordinator)                                     



      Mrs Cordnor - Senior Teaching Assistant EYFS  (SEND Support Co-ordinator)



Nuzhat - Senior Nursery Nurse (Support Website Co-ordinator) Works Part Time.


Mrs Jeffrey - Teaching Assistant (Key Stage 1)



Mrs Parks - Teaching Assistant (Key Stage 1)


Miss Wright - Teaching Assistant (Key Stage 1)



Mrs Hall - Teaching Assistant (Key Stage 1)


Mrs Pointon - Teaching Assistant (Nursery)           



 Mrs Kauser - Teaching Assisant (EYFS)



Janitors  Mr Pete Hickman


Catering Supervisor Mrs Judd